Dessalines Charles
Only stylist my girls have and will continue to go to. Sophie is a beast at her craft and my girls let me know ever time they get there hair slayed by her … Daddy look Daddy look … Don’t sleep on my stylist Our stylist!!!
Elizabeth Fleurmond
I enrolled in a 3 day hair braiding/sewin course . The professor was punctual and very informative . I will definitely return to continuing mastering my craft in hair braiding . Sophie is the best .
Felicia Cole
I have been struggling with hair stylists that are not passionate with their art. Sophie is amazing, professional, neat and clean. I am now happily a part of her art. Praise God!
STooReal None
I am tender headed and slept the whole time while she did my hair. Sophie is nice and accommodating & a perfectionist. She will be my stylist from now on. ♥
Lorelle Wrice
I’ve been getting my hair braided by Sophie for almost 5 years! She is amazing!! Any style I show her, she does so well and Everywhere I got I get compliments 😍 she is professional, on time, and always makes sure my hair is healthy through my styling processes and changes. Such a beautiful soul and has become a forever friend. I can’t let anyone braid my hair except for her! Lol
Lotane Wilson
I love getting my hair done by S Class Elegance. The work is always neat and my hairstyles last a long time. My stylist has gifted hands too! She’s very professional, works quickly and worth every dollar & time!
Kevin Ouwerkerk
I have been going here to get my hair braided by Miss Sophie for about 4 years now & I won't go anywhere else. She is very professional & creative with her designs. I highly recommend this place to anyone who is needing a braid up or twists etc.!!✌🏽 …